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Dream Daddy Tho

Jul 22, 17 at 3:30am

Having more fun with this game then I expected

Ryushika commented on Dream Daddy Tho
Jul 22, 17 at 4:53am

oh shit, i've been really wanting to check that out, it sounds pretty funny.

probably not as funny as most of grisaia no kajitsu up to the serious parts, but up there i bet.

Sour Peach commented on Dream Daddy Tho
Sour Peach
Jul 23, 17 at 8:42am

just bought it the other day :D haha i am coming for craig, he fine as hell~

Jul 23, 17 at 8:46am

it seems like a really fun game, I've been thinking of buying it but I got enough on my plate to finish (dark souls 2 - dark souls 3)

Jul 23, 17 at 8:53am

I am playing it~
The art is amazing and the characters are very different and unique!
Mary is my spirit animal. Shame i can't get her as a dream mommy. (That came out wrong, but i don't care c;)
My favorite dad is Damien. Bitch, yes.

Sour Peach commented on Dream Daddy Tho
Sour Peach
Jul 23, 17 at 3:05pm

should i be concerned that i make dad jokes like this and i'm not even a father? lmfao
amanda and her dad are freaking relatable! lol

Jul 23, 17 at 4:26pm

Y'know, as ridiculous as this sound, I would probably buy it and play purely for the laughs because it really does seem like a fun, silly game at heart :D

Jul 23, 17 at 8:46pm

What the fuck is this game and why is this song so lit?

Jul 23, 17 at 9:09pm

meme-filled, gender fluid, promotional for gay/bi-racial American dating sim with global youtube sensations linked all over it. much money to be had, many silly jokes and mini games for fun, it looks decent

Lilika commented on Dream Daddy Tho
Jul 23, 17 at 9:58pm

Just got it today~
I love Mat and all his awkwardness ♥

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