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Do you consider the desire for telepathy creepy?

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Would you consider it intrusive to be trying to peep into people's minds without consent? And why do you think so many people specifically want superpowers that allow them to control/ have power over others?


I'd talk about how there's already technology that allows one to do this, but I'd probably be considered a nutcase and I don't need that right now.

It's not right, and it's very intrusive. It's disturbing and it takes away the privacy of that person if they have all their personal details revealed to someone like that.

I think it's because of dominance, and that they may have creepy desires. That's part of it, at least


I believe that ultimately all desire to control the external world comes from a feeling of lack when it comes to the control of the inner world.

In the end we have no real control over anything in this world other than our own minds and the reaction of said mind to its experience, this of course is only true if one trains their mindfulness/awareness, otherwise we approach the world like an AI reacting to a certain set of Variables with another set of Variables.

It takes a very self aware mind to be able to not react to anything, but rather be in a constant state of action, if one is acting in a conscious state then there is no desire for control over external objects, in fact it becomes laughable as one realizes the futility of it, I would argue that ultimately even our own emotions can be viewed as external objects and therefore all we can do is master our ability to not be moved by them.

But when one is in a state of unconsciousness, they are playing the part of an NPC, they have no control and therefor the environment itself programs them to have the variables to seek control with no understanding and improper tools....

Snap I will edit this or add another post later I need a short break feels like my eyes are about to bleed been staring at this screen for 12 hours now.....

@Feinerine you mean HAARP and similar facilities? or some other kind of technology? Lets be friends I want more opinions on this.


That's super intrusive. I wouldn't want to know what other people were thinking. I suppose it would be nice to have just to see the kinds of thoughts of people. It would either ruin your outlook on mankind and/or improve/hurt your self-esteem!

I am interested in what does this already feinerine.... now you have me worried. I'm that person that thinks BOMB in the airport bc you're not supposed to and i know it so then it gets stuck in my head :/'d love it xD


i mean, i wouldnt say creepy as much as strange

creepy makes me think of sexual things, which telepathy is not xD (unless you read the good kinda ero doujinshi....)

i mean, is a hive mind creepy?


i desire a hive mind, because not understanding others feelings and thoughts scares me.

it makes me feel disconnected from the human race because i don't know those thoughts or feelings, and it's scary because people don't understand mine.

the other alternative that would be good, is to completely isolate myself from human society, and move my conciousness to a computer instead of in my terrifying flesh body.

then i could make my own virtual world. and i would probably feel comfortable and not want to kill myself for once in my life.

Gonta Cheeto
Jul 17, 17 at 5:10am

I don't think it is but I'd be creeped out if someone was reading my mind


Not sure about the creepy aspect but just think about how exhausting would be to hear or read all people's thoughts into your head!!! Remember Charles Xavier!!! I don't think it would be nice and it will ruin many things like when people are going to surprise you over any kind of good news or you will hear the end of a joke or SPOILEER!!! hahahahahaha

I wouldn't like people going over my thoughts, they could manipulate me with that info, judge me too. On the good side that person would know I'm true to whatever I'm saying or thinking about something specific, perhaps that would be good.


^this is why i think a hive mind is great.

i would give anything to become part of the flood from halo, or the zerg from starcraft or something.


Hive mind........... I don't think you want my thoughts......
but eh, im ok with it if your ok with it...
Just don't run after you know

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