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Getting over a break up

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May 19, 17 at 3:27pm

Hey bros, just wanted some advice about moving on and getting over someone. It hurts more than I am angry, I just think it's good to talk about it and move on.

May 19, 17 at 3:46pm

Sota, exactly, vent away. First and foremost, never sit and dwell. Second, talk to family and friends, keep occupied. Third, you will get over this, we all do. It most certainly takes time to heal, you will never forget, but you can and will get over this.

The great thing is, when you find someone worth your while, this will seem like a distant and almost foreign memory. Take mental notes and learn the good and the bad if what you've been through.


Video games+ tears+ Doritos + romance movies+irl friends =Chemical Bliss

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Getting over a break up
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
May 19, 17 at 4:52pm
This account has been suspended.
May 19, 17 at 4:58pm

Changed it, ya smarmy bastard.;P

May 20, 17 at 9:58pm

yeah, pretty much just vent and allow time to heal.

May 20, 17 at 9:59pm

i think. im stupid with this stuff.

May 20, 17 at 10:16pm

Exercise and be busy. Literally book your schedule.

May 21, 17 at 1:37am

No ones given the correct solution
Which is........

May 21, 17 at 1:37am

Copious Amounts of Alcohol

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