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What manga(s) are you reading?

Me? Mikubon and Nichijou.
Gantz and The Arms Peddler. Fun for the whole family.
...I forget. Fairy tail for one. I don't even like it anymore, I've just been through everything else, might as well be there when it ends. Monster Musume for sure, though that's taking a break for two months. Goblin Slayer if I remember to. Berserk once a year, when a chapter is put out. :') There used to be quite a bit, but I had to stop at one point and I just can't remember. Only other I can remember is Feng Shen Jing and I kinda dropped it/may go back. Might not have been the greatest story but man, dat art tho.
Ahh yissss. Beserk. The reason I prefer manga over comics. You'll never see the God king Ritual staring Superman or Hulk. Shame. Lol.
Space brothers!I read a lot of others too but i feel the need to point this one out, I'm kind of sad that it isn't too well known, because it has a good story in my opinion. It's funny and pretty realistic. If you have a younger sibling you'd probably relate to the main character's feelings too. Overall it's a really wonderful read! Please do give it a try if you're into space and a funny slice of life. Also, if you're into psychological types, aka no kyouten is also good! It's pretty new. Tomodachi game is also a great psychological manga as well.
Ubel Blatt, Re: Monster, Rise of the Shield Hero, Goblin Slayer, Fuuka, Attack on Titan, Domestic Kanojo, Witchcraft Works and many others.
Shokugeki No Soma, Boku No Hero Academia, D.Gray-Man, Fairy Tail, Gintama, One-Punch Man, Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku, D-Frag, New Game!, Greatest Teacher Onizuka: Paradise Lost, UQ Holder! and Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou currently.
where is tokyo ghoul on that list........
Got distracted from it. >.>
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