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Strange Song Lyrics

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Mar 20, 17 at 6:36pm

Strange and unusual song lyrics that are engraved in you.

Mar 20, 17 at 6:40pm

Never set the cat on fire,
You only will annoy it.
The heat will make the beast perspire,
It surely won't enjoy it.
Likewise do not ignite the dog, the snake, the Gerbal or the frog.
No Never set the cat on fire.

Mar 20, 17 at 6:41pm

i love ya like dora loves maps
like the popes toilet loves holy craps

Mar 20, 17 at 7:00pm

With the lights out
Sex is dangerous
Here we are now
In containers
Help the stupid
They're contagious
Here we are now
In containers

Mar 20, 17 at 7:06pm

Half the vocaloid songs

AnimeJunkie commented on Strange Song Lyrics
Mar 20, 17 at 7:28pm

Like tin angels falling down

Or maybe she's already dead
And maybe she's gone to Mars

Ancient walls of flowers tumblin' down
Black cat petals and a smiling clown

A cloaking robe of elvenkind
Hangs in my wardrobe behind
All those things that mother
Said were proper for a boy

All of these are from different songs song by Marcy Playground. They're a weird band.

Mar 20, 17 at 7:50pm

I am a alien
No matter how hard I try I don't fit in
Always all on my own, sad and lonely
All I want is for someone to play with me
Long ago I was a little girl yeah I was never ever able to fit in
My teachers at school would try to tell me what to do but, yo I would never listen
'Cause I was high all the time, stoned out of my little fucking mind
Misunderstood, lost and confused looking for a sign
All the popular kids at school were always super mean to me and made me cry
I never knew what I should do so I just walked away and said "Fuck off and die"
They said that I'm weird, that I'm ugly, and that I suck
I knew that one day all of those kids would grow up to be boring as fuck

Mar 20, 17 at 7:53pm

No shoes
No shirt
No Jews
You didn't hear that
You also didn't not hear it

Mar 20, 17 at 7:54pm

One verse, one chorus in the bag
Now it's time to talk to the ladies
I am hoping my Southern charm offsets all these rape-y vibes I'm putting out

Good girl
In a straw hat
With her arms out in a corn field
That's a scarecrow, sorry
Thought that was a human woman

Mar 20, 17 at 7:54pm

I want you
I hope you're feeling me
Once again just talking in the middle of it

We go to bed and you doze off
So I take your country girl clothes off
I put my hands on your body
It feels like hay, it's a fucking scarecrow again

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