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Hunter x Hunter

Mar 19, 17 at 5:13pm

I just started this (yes I know i'm late and missing out, but i already knew what it was about just never got to it) and I will forever watch the 1st ending until they change it because Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(band) is my absolute life and #1 forever!

Mar 19, 17 at 5:16pm

you might notice this one from the OP from brynhildr in darkness! these guys are the bees knees

Mar 19, 17 at 7:25pm

Who is your favorite character so far?

Mar 19, 17 at 7:30pm

as of now i'm on episode 7 and so far it'd have to be killua

Mar 19, 17 at 11:53pm

im sorry but i disagree lol. i like the ending Gaylnerus did for Hunter x hunter the best. much more suited for the series imo.

also Hunter x Hunter is a fantastic anime (:

i am currently on episode 42 lol

Mar 19, 17 at 11:55pm

I have been afraid to try it, don't judge me but I always thought it looked more geared for a young audience. Please inform me if I am wrong.

Mar 20, 17 at 12:13am

Omfg gal did an ending too? Hells yeahhhh but ifalilv is my bees knees but gal is a great power metal

Mar 20, 17 at 12:14am

I will, volt I actually kinda thought the same that's what kept me away then I watched some of the fighting scenes and decided to start it

Mar 20, 17 at 1:14am

Kilua is cool but gon is coolest~

Mar 20, 17 at 12:29pm

Don't worry, I'm in the same position as you. I didn't know much about HxH and I can tell I'm very late and missing out on lots of episodes. Even when aired on Toonami, didn't watch much.

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