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Tomako Tuesday

Sep 04, 18 at 10:02pm

I hated moving around all day

Sep 04, 18 at 11:05pm

I could relate to Tomoko in 2013 when I watched this anime for the first time...I felt I was Tomoko...Now,I could not relate much to her...:P...5 years...great changes..I'm still an introvert but I'm totally comfortable with solitude..and being an outcast...

Gawdleee commented on Tomako Tuesday
Sep 04, 18 at 11:46pm

I sweat a little and can't make eye contact when I order food and I still get nervous about eating alone

Sep 05, 18 at 1:10am

Sep 05, 18 at 1:10am

Sep 05, 18 at 1:10am

Whisp commented on Tomako Tuesday
Sep 05, 18 at 1:11am

Yuri best girl.

I like that the manga added more characters.

Oct 02, 18 at 5:11am

Have a happy and safe TOMOKO Tuesday EVERYONE <3

ヤンデレ王子 Audio commented on Tomako Tuesday
ヤンデレ王子 Audio
Oct 27, 18 at 5:25pm

Cringe Waifu Best Waifu

Lamby commented on Tomako Tuesday
Oct 28, 18 at 8:22am

as someone who has crippling social anxiety, is a huge pervert, and hates normie scum, i am more tomoko than anyone else alive

unless you've eaten lunch alone in the bathroom during highschool, you are not tomako and can not understand

even my relationship with my brother is similar

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