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elhaym @elhaym commented on Vent
Dec 05, 17 at 6:58am
Argh.. FUCK OFF! http://pa1.narvii.com/6180/da2890e5d9607cf1b5ac98b3b9bbd141cf6883c4_hq.gif
Zhongkui @hakutaku commented on Vent
Dec 05, 17 at 10:17am
I cannot recall what I wanted to vent about because I am on my way to 無為...Even if I vent, nothing will change, anyway, a person cannot change their family background and upbringing...
Dec 05, 17 at 2:13pm
This account has been suspended.
Panda @mrpanduhhh commented on Vent
Dec 05, 17 at 10:20pm
Dec 10, 17 at 1:43pm
You know one thing that always pissed me off was the people who defend police brutality incidents with things like "they should have never done the crime" or "they should have never resisted lol" when in most of these incidents the "criminal" isn't some type of hardened career criminal who has killed tons of police in their day or a heavily armed serial killer but just someone committing a petty crime (sometimes unknowingly or accidentally). These people would be singing a different tune if it was them or a loved one with an officer's boot up their ass over some dumb shit like being pulled over for accidentally making a u-turn on a no u-turn street or something (totally happened to my brother a few times). I won't lie, when I was younger I used to think the same thing: "oh, I'll be fine as long as I don't commit any crimes" but that shit changed pretty quickly as I got closer and closer to adulthood and started to just see how many officers seem to be just itching for some excuse to draw their weapon or throw someone to the ground and cuff them. After personally seeing so many ridiculous excess uses of force I just can't help but wonder if these officers just see people as garbage or something. They have no empathy even if their 'charges' turn out to be bogus, you kinda just get sent away with a slap on the wrist as if YOU wasted THEIR time.
Dec 11, 17 at 7:51am
Man I really hate how most women can be practically invisible to me until I run into someone who actually interests me (which is rare) and I just fall ridiculously hard for them. It seems like it's always the wrong time and the wrong place too, they're not interested or not ready for a relationship at the point when I come into their life. So I'm kinda just stuck obsessing about the possibility (which I'm aware is not healthy at all) and continue being friends with them, usually never goes no where and if it does it just doesn't work out. I really wanted to avoid it but it looks like I found myself in the same situation again, though this time I genuinely love the person and the friendship we have at the same time. I don't want to ruin things and have us drift apart because I can't keep my feelings in check. Seriously wish there was just an off switch for that type of stuff. :/
Zhongkui @hakutaku commented on Vent
Dec 11, 17 at 12:54pm
I have ambivalent attitudes towards my personality (|||❛︵❛.). On the one hand, I'm proud to be an emotionally conservative individualist( ˉ ⌓ ˉཀ๑)..On the other hand, I feel slightly uncomfortable when I sense that some nice people who have no ill intentions on their minds are scared away by me<I am an experienced observer and lurker who often read stuff most people will not take notice of, then analyze>.Yeah, to a certain extent, I envy introverts who can talk about feelings, less serious stuff with people they have interests in interacting withᗒᗒ(╯﹏╰)-ᗘ..Now, I wonder why such minor issues bother me lol...Though I have several bad habits like texting back slowly; writing essays; being somewhat boring, and rather ignorant of some fields; asking challenging questions; tending not to talk about my daily life when it comes to online communication, within one year, I have come across some people who like my style....I cannot be so greedy...Ah, complicated feelings...Version Up....⊙̆̈_⊙̆̈
I hope this is somewhere you can bitch and fuss why your upset and no says it's wrong i am upset because every female i have try to talk to get to know and see what becomes, of it and i dont mean every female in the whole world just the one i have came a cross they act like i am not good enough for them or they to good to give me they time of day, or their play mind games with me by telling me they give me a chance or get to know me but it's never happen because it's a joke or a lie one or two or i talk to someone who, turn out to be a golddigger only interest in my money or females ignoring me for no reason at all when i was never rude or disrespectful or a asshole to them in anyway that i am ware, of or their act like i ait good enough to lick the shit off their boots and i have been dealing with this for almost 11 years now and i know it's not all the females faults they, was a time when i was a dick but here lately i have try to be nice and respectfully to them and because of this shit after January first i am given up on love or trying yo fine, anyone because no one wants the type of relationship i am looking for and that is a serious long trem committee relationship with someone who is honest loyal respectfully, faithfully who wont change me in some bullshit negative way who will accept me for me and love me for me stay by my side though the good and bad who will have my back, to be there to show love and moral support and i do the same for her and have a relationship not basic on sex or money but something serious and long lasting and i dont think, it's to for to ask for.
abcdefg hijklmnop qrs tuv somebodyfuckingkillme now you know your abcs you can spell V E N T
Max @reclaw commented on Vent
Dec 20, 17 at 4:42am
The new Star Wars was MEDIOKER It was a bad story, nice effects, loads of cheap laughs, and a merch movie, meaning they put lots of things in there just to sell the merch afterwards. Rogue One was better, because they kept closer to the original Star Wars story.
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