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Ed~ commented on Kiss/Punch/Chill/Sex
May 23, 16 at 8:16pm


I would watch you chill with yourself with that vibrator stuff.

Just to ultimately bleed from my eyes to death.


@ed I though this was kiss,punch,chill,sex. Not kiss,punch,chill,sex,kill
I would kiss queen if she was not taken, however since she is I will go with chill


Ed I will chill

Ed~ commented on Kiss/Punch/Chill/Sex
May 23, 16 at 8:19pm

if you promise to not take my soul to oblivion and beyond Caleb...

I guess I can agree to chill.

Afterwards, I'll just hire a hitman

May 23, 16 at 8:19pm

@ed u wish u perv but it ain't me doing that so u can go with taiyou

May 23, 16 at 8:21pm

Is it panda doing that then queen?

May 23, 16 at 8:22pm

Yeh he passed it to me to hide it for him


Well sorry that I have red hair XD anime kid we shall chill and play some minekush(minecraft) together.


Again queen would kiss but your taken so a chill

May 23, 16 at 8:24pm

A vibrator seems like a waste of vibranium to be honest. At least it'll be very strong.

And caleb I'd punch again cause seriously?? You're gonna try to hurt me dude?

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