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Sex or cuddles?

Oct 13, 14 at 9:58pm
I'm not very huggy-feely so cuddles would be really difficult for me to deal with... It's not that I don't like the connection, it's just that when someone's laying on you or has their arm around you, it's like trapping them. I end up sitting there feeling awkward and wondering 'what if I need to take a p*ss here in a few? Do you expect me to cuddle back up with you right when I get back?' course I'm weird like that....
Cuddles <3
Oct 13, 14 at 10:28pm
agree with yaasshat. A constant routine might bore the relationship
Oct 13, 14 at 10:31pm
This account has been suspended.
Oct 13, 14 at 11:51pm
I would say both but depend on how much you like it. Not all girls like to have sex as much as boys so make sure ask first before jump on her.
Oct 14, 14 at 3:03am
Can't I just have both? XD Too difficult to pick really.
Oct 14, 14 at 10:39am
Also in the same boat as both. I do like a few mins of cuddling after sex but as far as guys go I feel like I'd be in the minority.
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