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I give up.

I'm going to be honest here. Trying to find some girl (besides family members) in real life who'll actually want to be around me for being myself is starting to mentally and emotionally wear me out. It's especially hard if you have anxiety and social communication problems. I'm considering either just giving up on relationships ENTIRELY or switching sexuality because I can't do this shit. *slams head on desk*
Why man why would you say that and slam your head on a desk
Mar 02, 17 at 9:36am
You don't looks for relationships or expect them to appear that just makes things exhausting and messy. Relationships kinda come out of nowhere.like a frying pan to the face
Mar 02, 17 at 9:37am
What spooky says is true
Mar 02, 17 at 9:40am
This account has been suspended.
@Spookybuns Right. You try going through emotional and mental drainage, stress, anger and depression every day without mentally snapping. Then, try to live through the fact that as a person with ASP and OCD it's kinda of hard to start any type of friendship/relationship without possibly being ridiculed.
Geduld ist eine Tugend. Well With this mentallity you'll find noone. Do it like in Animes and keep tryin
@Wasistdas *rubs temples*
So true so true dont give up man
There are + womans on earth. Gambare
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