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Your Lie In April

wokdontrun started Your Lie In April
Feb 15, 17 at 11:07pm

If you think you're ready.... you're not.

Blank commented on Your Lie In April
Feb 16, 17 at 12:32am

Already seen it. Hit me hard :')

Feb 17, 17 at 1:26am

Ya know? This anime hit me a lot harder the second time I watched it. I would like to say that I will never watch it again but for some reason I really like to punish myself.

Feb 17, 17 at 4:59am

It hit me and I'm still mad about it Dx

elhaym commented on Your Lie In April
Feb 17, 17 at 5:07am

This anime are the best one that I've seen. So great! Kaori forever

Vamxlight commented on Your Lie In April
Feb 17, 17 at 5:18am

Too many feels. ;-;

Ed~ commented on Your Lie In April
Feb 17, 17 at 9:37am

Apparently this had the same ending as the manga... I honestly was expecting a "Happy normal" ending sort of stuff, cliche one. It hit me hard and unexpectedly T_T

wokdontrun commented on Your Lie In April
Feb 17, 17 at 9:57am

I attempted to watch it a second time, but i had to quit after kaori was begging kosei to be her accompanist on the roof. Too many memories of the show from the first time around. It's amazing that i can watch movies and other normal shows, but anime is the only thing that'll hit me in the feels.

Feb 17, 17 at 3:14pm

Honestly episode 13 hits me the hardest, where Kosei comes to terms with his mom. Haven't felt related to a character like that before in a show since my mother past away when I was in second grade, very young age. It wasn't pleasant how she passed away as well, but forgave her. Orange is another anime where I could relate to the male MC as well, that type of stuff hits me hard.

Feb 23, 17 at 2:53am

I saw this in public while it was coming out so when the feels started to come I was crying in public. It's now part of my yearly sad anime month were as you can guess I watch sad animes but in my room were I can cry and nobody knows... but my dog and my turtle

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