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Favorite instruments in game OSTs

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For 8-bit, Sunsoft games before the FC/NES ended.

For 16-bit, usually early 90s Neo-Geo or Data East. Konami and Visco are also fascinating.

What soundfonts, engines or instrument sets are your favorites?

Vamxlight commented on Favorite instruments in game OSTs
Feb 16, 17 at 9:36pm

I like synthesizers, they sound so cool! Guitar too of course.



It's free to play too.

Comes to show what beauty can be made if you put love and work into something.

Feb 17, 17 at 9:47am

Hard to choose between piano, violin, or electric guitar.

Feb 17, 17 at 8:06pm

For me it has to be the Accordion! Listen to pieces from Pokémon XY and Pokémon Art Academy, Professor Layton, Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2), even world of Final Fantasy uses it! There's something entrancing about it, like it can be very tragic and very sweet at the exact same time! ^_^

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