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MaiOtaku Discord Server - An Open Letter

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"This has been done into the ground Tessa!"

Yes, yes it has, but never by someone with the commitment to structure and organize it so that its sustainable.

I want to create a Discord Server for the site so that those of us truly invested into making friends, meeting people, and forming connections have the platform that we need to maintain contact with eachother.

Many of us take breaks from the site, hit dry spells where we feel discouraged, or simply get carried away by life and its many obligations.

The solution? Make a Discord Server. With the advent of the Discord App for smart phones there will be less of a need to sign directly onto MO as much, and more availability to just open our app and talk with our friends. Or even meet people we wouldn't find much overlap with because they don't speak in our area of the forums.

Members of MaiOtaku, I know many of you want to make lasting friendships. This is the age of information, and unfortunately, that means many people both online and in person lie. They wear masks, they hide behind the screen or the profile that they type up. That being said, we have to commit to the idea of being transparent ourselves. Be willing to put our own best foot forward, to invest into an idea and to help it come into fruition.

I cannot make this group successful on my own. It needs the investment of you, the user of MO. The fan of anime. The person who is lonely and wants friends or love. The breath of life must be given by each of us, so I write this letter both to advertise the group, and advertise that I need your help.

Those who are interested in helping with the infrastructure and planning of this servers, or would like to offer suggestions. Post in this letter, create an open discussion so that we can build the platform we want, what we need.

Thank you,


Update: The Invitation link will be here when the beta build for it is ready and we have our core mod team set up. Thank you for your interest ^_^


I'm up for it! I've been in two previous MO Discord groups that didn't really work out. Still, I'd love to help make one and shoot for the moon. ^.^ The first one I was a part of was pretty awesome for the first year or so. It had a family structure, with a matriarch, lots of kids, and even nicknames for everyone. The second group never quite got off the ground. I'd be interested in being a mod, if you still need one.


Of course, we just need to generate enough buzz to justify the time investment into organizing and structuring a server and its moderation structure. If we can't get enough interest it would be a shame to invest so much into it ^_^'


Awesome. I think that if we make this server by learning from other servers, making it structured, and adding a unique quality to it, then the people will come in time. It might be a gamble, but at least it will be an educated one.

Feb 11, 17 at 10:08pm

I'd be interested in joining one, I was part of a previous Skype group for MO but nobody seems to use it anymore, so discord is a definite plus. :)


Would be fun.

Loli-ButtCuddles commented on MaiOtaku Discord Server - An Open Letter
Feb 11, 17 at 11:01pm
This account has been suspended.

I would definitely be up for joining and helping out with it.


Heck yeah I would join!


lets begin with the sausage festival!!

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