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League Of Legends?

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Anyone play League of Legends?

Feb 08, 17 at 4:36am


Feb 08, 17 at 9:02am

hello to you i just replied too you :D, incase you didnt get my response I play on NA.
I use too be silver 1. But my silliness, decided to keep playing ranked eventually my luck ran out I got people who didn't want to do there share in helping win the match so they threw on purpose which happen to a lot of games i played which knocked me to s3, then s4, then to s5.

after that I played more hoping to get back to silver one then I got people who fed or afked which brought me to b5 i am now b4. Here the kicker though everytime i think im slowly climbing back up i go back to b5 because i still get people who dont a crap.

Feb 08, 17 at 9:09am

Well I would play With ya but I am not playing on na..
I have 2 gold acc, 1 diamond and one Silver acc, maybe I can do a transfer

Feb 08, 17 at 9:13am

sweet wow that a big deal i so would love to play with you i am also learning how to cs, i suck at that still other than that i am a decent player. to be warn na sometimes are rude we do got alot of ragers, but i always mute the chat when i play,
awesome if you like to transfer and get your character to where you can play ranked let me know ill message you my user name.


yay more people on NA :D
im currently bronze was silver last season, i main darius, im a mastery 7 teemo. and i main top and mid lane. im pretty decent when it comes to cs and K/D/A i average 160+ cs by 20 mins and mostly go positive on kills. you can add me on my main: godsxguillotine. or on my smurf: DropDeadDarius

tbh im not a pro or anything i was only on here for one season so im still figuring things out

Feb 08, 17 at 10:52am

Dropdeaddarius xd


pretty cool name huh >:D i wish that was what my main account's name was

Feb 08, 17 at 10:56am

Ur Team name should be Tripple D.
We should create a League of legends MO team x)


Dat boi made an NA account he does jungle, rn he is working on leveling up his smurf but he seems pretty good. we can def make a team

i can even make a club and invite you guys

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