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Give your honest opinion about the person above

I feel like you are good at being sarcastic. You are nice and can be nice to people but also be sassy and very sarcastic with someone you may not like or someone annoying XD. I also feel like you could be someone who would quietly obsess over characters or things she likes (not saying that is true) but unlike projecto you kind of weasel your favorite things into a conversation and go from there. All in all you seem pretty fun and chill... and you’d maybe play air guitar to your favorite rock/metal songs XD
One of the most interesting people I've ever worked with on mod stuffs, you have great ideas, I have a feeling that you're of some level of intelligence. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png You understand that things sometimes have to be done, even when they seem to be a little less than honest in the methods. But ultimately you recognize that there is a greater good that needs to be achieved. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png I don't know you as well as I probably should, but I feel like you're a friendly person, you're a decent person, you're nice and pleasant to talk to. I feel like it's possible we could be friends one day
I’ve been kind of sad recently and reading this is making me tear up XD, thank you Dag (your nickname now). I’ve been hoping to do you at some point so here we go. I feel like you are definitely a smart man who can like rules and does his best to follow them, maybe that can cause people to see you as “boring” and “no fun” (not saying that’s true) but nothing’s wrong with knowing how to follow them. You are someone who can seem cold and maybe even distant but is actually very nice and cares in ways people may not always see. Overall I think you are a great, nice, smart and good man, who doesn’t tolerate ignorance or creeps (Sorry this got long :3 Edit: also I hope to get to know you a bit more and be friends too ^-^)
I'll use the Spanish expression "Pan de Dios" which means, a person who's pure on the energy they project to others, people who reserve their judgements of others and gives a chance to everyone regardless of circumstances, a person who truthfully abides by wellness and takes a lot of punches before breaking
Hard for me to say, but so far in my interactions with you, you seem very aware of yourself emotionally and someone who is willing to make themselves vulnerable. I think if given the right amount of emotional support you would be a very loyal friend to those you trust. If that makes sense.
Don't know this femboy wannabe weaboo. Probably doesn't even cosplay. If I were to guess their personality I'd say Projectotakux loves to talk about NFL stat scores and whose favorite team are the Cowboys! https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg Yep, that's the opinion I have of this rando normy stranger. They got no artistic talent and they HATE sewing! Almost as much as he dislikes Hatsune Miku. https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg What's more he loves selling people IKEA furniture and such. Don't ask me how I know. Again I've never seen nor done business with this man in my life! https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg I also gave them 1 star review on Amazon. I had to assemble it myself. HOW DARE HE expect me to assemble a two shelf stand by myself with no instructions!
only guy on the site that i think can pull off an accurate cosplay of Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png good guy, seems to be somewhat popular on MaiOtaku. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png taught me everything i know about spacing on maiotaku. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png not a guy ive ever heard anyone say anything negative about, nor would think anyone would ever do so.
I don't think we've ever spoken but he does seem like a cool guy to talk to.
Sorry for not getting back on our conversations lmao, you're my partner in crime when it comes to finding new shoujo isekai romance novels whether mangas, manwhas or the novels themselves, please never change and stay true to yourself.
your profile url name makes me think your a mount and blade fan. im one of the old guard here and have been here since 2012 but i dont think i remember you too much.
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