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Panda's shitpost thread


Sometimes i wish i could have been in a band or something. I really love music and would have liked to pursue something like that. Guess i just sorta killed off my own dream by never believing in myself.


My day will go from being super productive, body positivity, working out getting some muscle....to just standing in the shower trying to connect how me wanting to be stalked by a cute girl is the same as a girl wanting a bad boy for a bf


I would literally give my first born child for Rem irl


Panda-kun... Who's Rem?


Sometimes i wonder, when i reach every goal i set out for myself. What next? I find it harder and harder to find goals for myself. Each time i struggle, each time i succeed. Because no matter what the only thing that ever stops me, is me. What happens when i no longer have a goal to move forward to? I predict in 5-10 years i will have done everything i dreamt about doing at the age of of 10. Im already on track to complete half of them. The last goal i have is retirement, which in 16 years if all goes right i will be done with every life goal.


Hey man it's PK. I'm just visiting for the day. How you been man? I know the feeling. I guess if you ever run out of goals then make a goal too difficult to accomplish and try to do it. That way you will always be working toward it. I'm guessing the tricky part is thinking of a new goal in itself. Strangely enough as time goes by I'm sure you'll find a unique goal to finish. I think it's better to just be like well when the time comes and I accomplish everything then I'll figure it out. Yeah man hope you have a good day


you said you were curious about the csm anime awhile back, and the pv's been released


The animation looks a little TOO good @momoichi im gonna be skeptical about this anime now. Im sure we will get a few derpy frames and lazy fight scenes.


I highly doubt mappa would go all out on chainsaw man. I mean its a good manga and all but its not demon slayers which is taking japan by storm. So idk why they would go all out on animation

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