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They Are Injecting Me With AIDS


Yes i know, i understand. Everything has a chance to kill everything has a chance to effect you. But the difference between that and this is time, experiments, field proof, subject groups, further understanding of the virus, etc.

Im less likely to die from Hep B shot cuz there is data to back it up, where os the data on pfizer or moderna? And news flash AstraZeneca just isnt being used here but they are being shipped to canada, mexico and thailand. Even if WE pulled them that doenst mean others wont use it.


The quick manufacturing of the vax has been attributed to the years of previous study on other SARS viruses, but who knows.. i'd like to think theres some level of certainty with this vax in the long term effects because if not, gg you fucked the human race. From my basic understanding of immunology and covid, i think we'll be fine.. Also i should add, i'd rather listen to CDC than WHO.. fuck WHO. bunch of clowns run by the cccp


Well yeag no shit, W.H.O didnt release any info on this virus, didnt open investigation until a year later, opened investigation on US before china? W.H.O hid this virus and allowed this to go on. Who knows had we actually gotten a fucking capable organization not bought out by a country this virus wouldnt even be a thing.


Again, gotta weigh the pros and cons. They're not just scooping some mystery goop and putting it into a syringe. They go through test, albeit, yes, VERY fast and strained. The people who develope the vaccines aren't dummies.

Again, should we go back to a potential of(December) 65,000 deaths a month? Nevermind how bad it's been in India, lately....


To play devils advocate, no one decided on a way to actually count covid deaths. you could cut your arm off, go to the hospital, contract covid there and then die from blood loss and be marked as a covid death.. lol. I mean chile was calling dead people "recovered" from covid soo.. I think hospitals were getting more money for labeling people as covid deaths too.. there was some whistle blowers on that whole thing.


Even if such a vaccine doesn't kill someone, it might still cripple someone and detriment their quality of life. How would you like to live with facial paralysis or backpain? According to the Russian news sources that my family follows, there's already been quite a few cases like this from Pfizer but the western press tries to suppress this.
And if Pfizer is really so awesome and Bill Gates really cares about saving lives then why didn't he give Pfizer to his own kids?


@hell_hound7 the air we are breathing is fucking killing us lol. Everything and anything these days can kill us. Food. Drinks. Things made by materials that contain harmful chemicals that we use every day. These anything will give you cancer.

You dont have to get the vaccine since it's not mandatory but you shouldn't judge why others do, despite the risks that come along with it


When did i say i judged anyone? On the contrast i am DEFENDING those who dont want it. People like to call those who dont get it "irresponsible" or say the reason for us being scared makes no sense. Literally anything can kill you, literally anything. Even a single slip of paper. We arent arguing things you cannot control we are talking what we can.


@blissfulforce1818 people who get the vaccine know the risks involved with it. As did in when I got it. I had to sign a paper where it stated that it was not approved by the FDA and it could have some unknown side effects. I'm sure everyone else got the same paper

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