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Whats the first thing You'll do after Covid ends?


The same thing I do every night...

Try to take over the world!


1. Properly save up for a convention trip and go to a convention (and maybe volunteer)

2. Network with other people and find a mentor.

3. Go to VGC tournaments if any

4. Also save up for my financial goals, ultimately be able to budget for #1, my own trip to Japan someday, etc..


I'm going to resume attending conventions, and will finally be able to once again allow strangers to take my phone and make photos of me. (Since I don't have any local pal and/or girlfriend to be my dedicated photographer.)
I'm also finally going to go swimming at a natural lake again.
Asides from this, nothing else will change because I have always been an introvert at heart even when there were no pandemics.


i was kinda glad covid made the world shit, it will prepare us for more crazy stuff to happen. not like the world didn't sucked before. its slowly getting better, once all this digital money goes away then we can live like humans instead of doges.


I returned the normal months ago. Only thing that will change is burning the masks


My dad was talking about wanting to see some museum exhibits


Probably nothing different. I've been working normal hours the entire pandemic and my state didn't really do much so I never had to stop doing anything out of the norm for longer than the first few weeks. We've been open for months now so there isn't anything I can't do anyway. Theaters are probably the most impacted in my area but there have been some open for a while now. I'll likely even keep up with the mask and sanitation procedures at work since it's already habit at this point and nothing bad is coming from me keeping up with it anyway.


First thing I'm gonna do when covid ends is fuck someone

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