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That happen to me today pies came flying out all over. U. U

Rain @rainx commented on Relatable
Nov 26, 21 at 7:27pm

Getting home from working on black friday.

Nov 27, 21 at 1:36am
Rain @rainx commented on Relatable
Nov 28, 21 at 8:00am

Nov 28, 21 at 8:29am

I haven't seen anything of value when it comes to sales.

Only thing I took a pause for was the prospect of purchasing a PlayStation 5 for retail value instead of $1,000.

Then I took into consideration that that is marketing 1 O 1. Create a false sense of urgency to help push the idea that $500 is the better deal.

Instead of having a real sale where the system which is roughly over a year old should sell for say $300, but because "demand and shortage" it's just reasonable to expect it to be $500-$600 for the next 10 years.

So, no I am not impressed by any of the "sales" going on electronic wise.

Unless one counts the steal of receiving SMTV for free a great deal.

Which it was.

Might have also found some new clothes for cheaper too.

Oh well.

Nov 28, 21 at 12:41pm

This is why usually I wait for later models of the latest gen consoles. Sure I dont get that launch day experience, but I at least have a better selection of games, a cheaper price, and less risk of console bugs going on. Also I had just gotten my switch and some games I wanna play are also on Ps4 so I have no reason to buy the console yet

Nov 28, 21 at 3:16pm
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