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Best One Piece Char ?

This account has been suspended.

Luffy by far!
he's fucking awesome.
gomu gomu no... endo commento!!!


I forgot Ace but he don't being alive anymore :( :(


RIP Ace.

That aside, Brook is easily the MVP. He is so full of heart, even if he doesn't have a heart.

Yohohohoho, skull joke!

Apr 28, 20 at 4:04am

Hmm, I really lean towards Denjiro from the Wano arc as of now. He's a very good character, using his knowledge to teach the other members of the nine red scabbards. However, I was more impressed with his development during the post-Oden era.


Denjiro is cool. Would love to see more of him in the best parts of Wano.

Apr 28, 20 at 11:07am

I think Denjiro will kill Orochi


That’s possible. With how close he is to him, it’s quite the high possibility that he would surprise attack him with his guard down.

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