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Best One Piece Char ?

Feb 14, 20 at 1:24am

My Fav is Trafalgar D. Water Law

Feb 14, 20 at 1:26am

I wanna say Garp, it’s nice they are finally giving more of his backstory lately, I would read a spin off series of his adventures tbh.

Him n gold Rodger had a fun relationship.

Feb 14, 20 at 1:27am

I would say
1. Law
2. Luffy
3. Zoro
4. Sanji
5. Doflamingo

Feb 14, 20 at 1:28am

doflamingo, rly???
Why? I m very curious

Feb 14, 20 at 1:29am

Literally the best villain in the series bruh. He always ranks high in popularity polls

Feb 14, 20 at 1:30am

Rly? I had no clue...

Speaking of him n that arc tho.

Senior pink is the coolest dude around.

Feb 14, 20 at 2:40am

In terms of Straw Hats, Brook’s my favorite because of how his backstory presents him as this guy fighting to maintain what little sense of hope and spirit he has left even when all things seem lost. Pretty inspiring stuff.

But beyond that I feel like Robin might be one of the best written characters in the series because of her character arc - going from distrusting others who feels rejected in every turn to finally finding a family to trust who accepts her for who she is. And I love how overtime the Straw Hats personalities influence her to become much more livelier and quirky compared to her past self

Feb 14, 20 at 4:51am

Law is the Best :D

Feb 14, 20 at 5:31am

Chopper xD

Feb 14, 20 at 5:35am

Kizaru cuz he trollin everyone

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