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@mikan_kat yeah thsts what i meant they didnt wanna send them away. That is not an appropriate jail sentence for the crime they commited

But then again old school Japanese jails were hardcore


Even now, if ur underage and commit a horrible act u over there u still get a low sentence, cuz of ur age.


I think if that had happened here in the US, that problem would have taken care of itself in prison after they were tried as adults.

Just my two cents.


An interesting artifact that you may find interesting. The sword of Saint Galgano.


I don't even like Minecraft. Yet after watching a lil bit of the video. I became fascinated by the probabilities involved. This is the most I'll ever be interested in Minecraft.


@dyadka_yar hmm looks like an oakeshott XIIIB, XVIIIA or an XIX, can't be sure just from the hilt though.



What's most impressive is how she can keep her balance in those high heel designer boots. I can only imagine how many times she probably fell practicing that dance.


^It's impressive, yes. But I think you and I have very different ideas of what "most impressive" relates to in that video xD

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