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Make A Lie Aboout The Person Above You


Owns a bugslife fleshlight

Jul 17, 21 at 3:13pm

Is a monster made out of light and flesh. A Light flesh house if you will.


Name stands for "wow im kinky"


Wants to know what a panda wearing a bikini looks like.


Day dreams about me in a bikini


His dong cannot fit into bikini bottoms. Physically impossible to stuff that thing into pants even


Is codenamed Solid Snake for a reason!

Enemies beware when he switches it to Naked...

Jul 18, 21 at 2:23am

Codenamed xinmage for a reason!

Enemies beware when he dual casts magic...


Upon receiving orders from the one that sits above the table, Wik was tasked with the elimination of rogue hitman, Cero.

Cero's crime was performing a character assassination on hollowed Continental grounds. That grievous offense could not go unpunished as it upset the balance of order amongst fellow agents and risked disrupting the political trade agreements made between numerous factions.

It was a bloody battle that Wik nearly lost as Cero had ties to an underground subreddit that provided him multiple stock options to fund his supply arsenal of cuttingly savage memes.

Not to mention Wik's opponent happened to be a master of blending seamlessly into any crowded forum with deft persision!

In the end Wik came out victorious, dispatching his adversary, this ending Cero's reign of terror while simultaneously granting Wik a chance for a priceless favor from the High Table.


I'm pregnant with your abomination

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