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Random thoughts...

Idk if you watched the first one but technically the leader is a human
Jan 25, 23 at 2:08pm
Uh no, once you join their side killing humans. Actively undermining the survivability of the entire human race. You are no longer human. Look at it this way. An American joins Isis. Killing Americans left and right. Well his American. You show Americans due process. Uh no, you blow that Isis MF up. Xd
I mean i wasn't disagreeing just pointing out the leader is technically human
Jan 25, 23 at 2:45pm
Technically born with human mind and human body. Technically born human, yes. But he is not technically human anymore. He is human in mind only. Not human in body. Not technically human anymore. Heck, I would go as far as to say that his not even human in mind anymore. Since he doesn't mind killing off the human race so that his new adopted alien species can survive. He has an alien mind now.
Jan 25, 23 at 3:01pm
"He's technically human" "Technically human mind, and technically human body, and technically human, technically yes. But no he's not technically human cuz he kills humans." https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0f/33/40/0f33404e614ffad772cb4abbaeadc5ef.png
Jan 25, 23 at 3:41pm
Wait, there was discussion on Lambos and McLarens, and I missed it? I love sports cars and racing games, tho cars in the McLaren class aren't sports cars; they're classed as "hypercars," along with Bugatti, Pagani, and my favorite, Koenigsegg... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVVBJG6Nt_I Fun fact: 1. That guy is Christian von Koenigsegg, the founder and engineer... 2. The ghost emblem (like the one at the 0:12 second mark) is put on the cars because they turned one of the original airplane hangars for the Swedish Air Force into a manufacturing plant, and the planes had that ghost emblem on them. So it's Koenigsegg's way of honoring their Air Force.
For the record, the way the 1st movie ended and how he was accepted into the tribe and the tree thing, yeah he's the alien race now. Plus he clapped that alien booty and has alien offspring. @bob_loblaw Very briefly. I know some about sports cars, super cars, etc buy I wouldn't say I was an enthusiast. Maybe just appreciate the design and momentum in the engineering. I used to watch Top Gear (UK version of course. US one wasn't as fun.)
I used to love the look of Cobras, I loved how their lines were just bubbly and curves. It set them apart from most other cars. I liked the Shelby Series 1 but overall prefer the classic Cobras. I think that's why it's easy for me to pick McLarens out of a crowd, because they too lean into those heavy curves. The car actually reminds me of a curvy woman with wide hips and thick thighs. It's a sexy car.
I'm a big fan of all generations of the Ford GT, except for the 2017 model/generation. However I am a big fan of the group B monsters that came out in the 80s, maybe one day I'll own a kit Ford RS2000. Fun fact about the rally group B monsters, they didn't use restrictor plates on their motors and tuned the car for the best performance the rally team could actually achieve (I believe no weight or horsepower limits), which lead to so many people actually wrecking because they'd push themselves and their vehicles to the limit. They wrecked or died so much they put a permanent end to the Group B rally monster races. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/40/White_Ford_RS200.jpg
Jan 25, 23 at 7:07pm
... I see this dude in the gym hog the squat rack for a WHOLE DAMN HOUR YOO WTF MAN let someone else get a turn.
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