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Random thoughts...

Bring out the kitties! Also everytime theres some world ending catstratphobe in a anime or rpg Im thinking " DAMN CAN WE GET SOME OF THAT HERE" Id love less traffic and less people.
Me on New Years Eve: Me: (sees friend) ANDREW MAI BOI Andrew: What's up!? Me: (Later) I might be Bi-curious Andrew: Reeaaally? Me: You are gonna make more pegging jokes at me aren't you? Andrew: Yes
I might sound a lil silly or weird but every time when I listen to music that's how I feel at the moment. Sometimes I also draw my emotions just for how I feel in ways time to time..Hm.
Jan 24, 23 at 5:33pm
i wonder if there is a furry forum that is like this forum? all cool...
Probably considering how much furry artists make
Jan 25, 23 at 8:12am
hmm...I wonder if I can use AI to do a frame by frame fight scene using Fate Unlimited Bladeworks as the base....Oh man that would be cool. What character to use though?
If justin roiland is found guilty of all charges, I hope he does his Morty voice while getting it up the butt in prison.
I feel like every year i do my taxes it gets more and more complicated. Last year i was a florida resident living in north carolina that moved to Alaska and changed residency. Am i a resident of NC? Am i a resident of FL? Am i a resident of AK? Where do i belong?
Jan 25, 23 at 12:27pm
this morning i woke up to that crazy demon looking guy next door, he was pounding at my door . he wanted to beat me up because i was crawling on his ceiling..? im going to fing somewhere els to stay, hes not yelling anymore though.
Jan 25, 23 at 1:48pm
I recently saw the ne Avatar movie. Here's my quick review. Humans came to Pandora because earth is dying. Thus humans are trying to make Pandora a second home. Then we have the blue alien protagonist robbing trains for military equipment. Plus killing any innocent humans that try to stop their theft. The blue alien protagonist puts in jeopardy the entire human race. The blue alien protagonist deserves to be hunted down. I would make the argument that the blue aliens are not part of the Geneva Convention. First of all. Blue aliens are not even humans. Humanitarian is derived from the word human. One could make the argument that humanitarian standards for war are reserved for humans. Second, blue aliens never signed the Geneva Convention. No legal binding to treat blue aliens like actual humans. So if I was in charge. I would carpet bomb the entire island chain with napalm. Then a full island chain invasion WWII style to get rid of any surviving insects. Note, blue aliens are called Navi or whatever. These train robbing blue aliens are essentially pirates. Why have no sympathy for these blue aliens? Because of how do we deal with human pirates on earth. A great example are Somali pirates. Try to board the ship to rob, steal and do other shenanigans. It is beyond reasonable to shoot those MF. I see no discernable difference to what the Somali pirates are doing and what the blue aliens are doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIMjQOCLkS4
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