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Random thoughts...

Person makes post about 100 women and 10 men inhabiting a deserted island. 2nd dude chimes in declaring 10 women for every man! I chimed in with haven't you people ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Then reminded them that gay people exist. -_- Hahahahaha https://media.tenor.com/2YfRZjaJ3B0AAAAC/evil-laughter-black-cat.gif
Jan 24, 23 at 11:56am
When asking for anal her response should be " for me or for you?"
Jan 24, 23 at 11:59am
weebs exist and only like cute asian grils too.
I agree, except I don't like Asian girls. 7/10 Of them only want you for money or some other kind of base need. Hate me for that if you must, but I say it Sincerely. European girls are much better to me. They look better, and treat you better, and usually more cultured.
Jan 24, 23 at 1:34pm
@verucassault I'd be the creepy caveman on that island. Making friends with all the animals. https://media.tenor.com/qBKTjpP636oAAAAC/huh-geicos-caveman.gif
Jan 24, 23 at 1:34pm
Errr... Cultured? I mean, I get preferences, but you're digging into territory that might just be showing your bigoted side and not just your preferences.
Uh oh, looks like I got em going! Time to hotfoot outta here! https://media.tenor.com/7LllHmkRLqMAAAAC/jojo-run-away.gif
I ordered some custom pretty checks from my bank. Yus, I still use checks cuz reasons. They were supposed to arrive in two weeks. They were in transit for a month and never came in the mail. I had to call the bank to reorder them. Gud thing they didn't charge me again. Now I have to wait another two weeks. Hopefully they don't get lost in the mail again. https://pa1.narvii.com/6323/b32793708f4b0e12de8757df8b2f206bd62c2bce_hq.gif
Jan 24, 23 at 3:46pm
have white, asian and whatever els
@a1ephy You got cute kitties didn't you?
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