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Random thoughts...


Well i say flavored because when i told someone it was cookies and cream cookies they instantly thought oreos and i had to explain that it was a cookie not oreos

Sep 18, 21 at 11:25am

Oreos are not cookies? My life is a lie and I am in shambles.


Oreos are technically a sandwich


Hydrox > Oreo


Hydroxicloriquin? Hydroxicut? What hydrox?

Sep 18, 21 at 3:13pm

I finally caught up with My Hero Academia and damn did it get gory and hella dark.

Shigaraki is a real monster.

It felt like the story switched tones completely from lighthearted to disgustingly brutal.

Though it's nice to see a coming of age hero narrative take some risks with real "no one can magically fix this mess" stakes.

It'll be interesting to see where this all ends up.


You know what im gonna say it

Tomura isnt a good villain in my opinion.

They went the naruto route and made you try to sympathize with this psychopath of a villain. Someone who was abused by their father and abandoned by the world. Yet he becomes a villain because of all for one and simply wants to destroy everything. There is no conviction to it. If he was truly this psychopath villain i would have liked him to keep that up as someone who simply wished to destroy for no other reason than to do it.

Sep 18, 21 at 3:24pm

Didn't say he was a good villain. I'm saying the stakes are pretty real though. The guy is too far gone to reason with. I've zero empathy for Shigaraki, but it makes me feel bad for all the people that have to live with the impact of his madness.

It's the challenge Deku is going to have to face with a world in which the people you are trying to protect may not be worth saving if even possible.

That they may come back to haunt you with their unhinged madness.

How will Deku learn to be a "Great" hero if no one, not even All-Might, could resolve these deep rooted issues?

Either he won't or he's going to have to change his idea of what being a hero is.


I feel they tailored deku's quirk vs tomura with the added on quirks. Because as it stands there is no way deku can fight tomura head to head. Just seeing re-destro fail brute force vs him shows that if he comes through with a punch thats the end of his arm


Me after perfecting the idea for my story that probably wont go anywhere but just knowing i perfected it and its a pretty good idea

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