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Random thoughts...

Sep 19, 21 at 3:47am

having the feeling of just being up while thinking about life and existential dread

Sep 19, 21 at 11:43am

When you pack your lunch and then forget it on the kitchen counter.

Sep 19, 21 at 2:23pm

Sometimes I feel like my friends don't like me but deal with me because they've known me for so long

Sep 19, 21 at 2:26pm



Me: lets fry up some nuggies

*Oil erupting like a volcano on the last days of humanity*

Me: so i made like 5 nuggets and im afraid to make any more


This is gonna be my last trip i dont think doing a trip 3 months apart was a great idea. Im burning through so much money but yolo. Idk why traveling is so expensive. Idk if its because my tastes are so expensive and i wanna stay in hotels going at like 200 a night. But i wanna buy more shit like a new gun and a new camera and laptop so i gotta really stop after this.

Sep 19, 21 at 6:40pm

My latest in home security. Just in time for Halloween. They might break through the perimeter fence, but can they overcome the fear of being ensnared within Charlotte's web?


@xinmage cute, he looks like he might be a type of orb weaver with that chubby thorax

Sep 19, 21 at 9:50pm

I figured it's probably female given the size. My understanding that male spiders tend to stay fairly tiny. This one is rather large.

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