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Random thoughts...

Jun 11, 21 at 7:11pm

They don't have it on netflix?


Reeeeeee netflix, no i dont have Netflix so if its there i cant see it. Just like record of ragnarok :")

Jun 11, 21 at 7:50pm

I keep hearing about record of ragnarok but I haven't really looked into it, is it worth watching or reading?


Yeah its good, i havent gotten that far into the manga tho. Its mainly like a 1v1 sort of fighting arena style anime. Sort of like god of highschool but not super rushed like the anime.


@beyozenith yes my dude!!! @redhawk will tell you the same thing. The action is amazing, character direction is good, and the feels train is checked off as well. ;-;

Jun 12, 21 at 1:59pm

I don't remember if I've told this small lil anecdote. Maybe it was another site? Whatever, if I have, I'll just repeat it again. I ride my bike almost daily. More as a routine like self discipline, then actually exercise. I always ride it at night. I'll be sweating my balls off if I rode it during the day. I like the nice cool night breeze. Anyways, about a couple of years ago. I was riding my bike. At a red light. A truck pulls up next to me. Dude ask me, "where I was going?" I was like. "Don't worry about it." Then ask me if he could give me a ride. I was like "nah, I'm good". The light turns green. I rode off. Never saw him again. Dude gave me some weird vibes. That was sus. If I was a female. That would have been really hella sus. So what's the moral of the story? If your offering some random stranger a ride. At least offer them some milk n cookies ROFL. Now that I look back. I definitely should have fucked with that dude. I should have been like.

Sus dude: Want a ride?

Me: You gonna offer some ice cream of something? You paying for the first date. Bish move over. I'm driving!

Jun 12, 21 at 2:12pm

@a1ephy he wanted your bony bum

Jun 12, 21 at 2:18pm

Lol, You think you booty raping me? Nah, I'm turning the tables. I'm raping you now ROFL. Reverse rape, this ain't going down the way you think it's going down

Jun 12, 21 at 2:46pm


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