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Random thoughts...

The TK in Angel Beats could be the TK from Digimon Adventure, except from an alternate future in which Patamon died permanetly. Patamon's death caused a mental break in TK who later was killed when he got older since he was alone with no digimon.
Wow I've got one two you know how in fairy tail there are two worlds edalos and earthland? Maybe edalos because it had its magic permanently drained maybe that is our earth and that's why magic appears on history but not now!
May 23, 19 at 4:15pm
Once upon a time... random thoughts https://www.maiotaku.com/topics/34030
For some reason, some of the threads got deleted. It's clear if this was intentional or simply an error when coding.
May 23, 19 at 8:12pm
This thread looks much smaller than I remember.
May 23, 19 at 8:15pm
This account has been suspended.
May 23, 19 at 9:55pm
Aladdin was much better than I expected
May 23, 19 at 10:55pm
That Russian girl deactivated her account..I noticed...
May 23, 19 at 11:36pm
Man... Fairy Tail had really gone off the deep end, huh?
Wow, ever since they changed the layout of this site, things have gone really fucky...
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