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27 year old Male
Last online about 7 years ago
West Hartford,
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Anti-social are you? Do have Asperger's or something? Also fine with meeting people in real-life but can't keep up with it on Facebook. Does that explain you why are not exactly a "regular" on this site? (Although to be fair, I can days without being on here as well)
Please forgive me for this :P (not a chain letter, just gonna ruin your childhood) When gohan had that blast collision with cell, their dialogue could be interpreted as sex. Goku: Give him everything you have Gohan! Insert Gohan grunting while trying to keep up with Cell. Insert Cell laughing saying it's futile. Cell gets a surprise blow from (sidechick) Vegeta who he didn't expect to show up Cell: Vegeta! Goku: Nows your chance!!! Cue le Gohan blowing his load all over Cell
I confess that when I'm upset or frustrated about something that went wrong or something bad that happened to me, I detach myself from it by telling myself I don't care. Recently it's been about how I feel lonely sometimes.