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Random thoughts...


I wonder if they're finally combining pages? aka deleting duplicates but somehow deleting the larger file?


So this is gonna take a while.

May 24, 19 at 6:22pm

why is there a x? is that when you want to have sex with them you hit that button?


It only took me 3 weeks but i finally made it back to gold in overwatch. Last time wasnt a fluke....now no more ranked for the season. I want to start as close to gold as humanly possible next season


The "X" is positioned on the opposite side of the "heart", and it is therefore the "dislike" button. You click it whenever you dislike someone's post. It has actually existed even during the site's old layout, but it was just coloured differently which made it less noticeable.

May 24, 19 at 6:48pm

it didn't do anything. it disappeared when I clicked it


Hmm... I never really used it before, but I guess the designer doesn't want people to see that their posts are being disliked. Perhaps the main reason for that is because some people might be too sensitive and get hurt and start flame wars and drama.


Now that the semester is done I can get to work on more personal projects.

May 24, 19 at 11:38pm

I wish days were longer to do all the things I want to do, I need to do, and not want to do.

May 26, 19 at 7:06am
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