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Arc @arc commented on Cooking!
Feb 07, 16 at 1:40am

Tell me another thing you like to make, JackTechno. I'm curious.

Max @reclaw commented on Cooking!
Mar 10, 16 at 12:37pm

Behold my dinner! Curry chicken à la Max!

And yes, I took pictures of my food. Shame on me.

Mar 10, 16 at 12:41pm

I gave myself food poisoning after cooking baked beans, safe to say I won't be posting on this thread often.

Max @reclaw commented on Cooking!
Mar 10, 16 at 12:43pm

Heh! :D
Swing by here, I'll cook for you.

Maria @miarin commented on Cooking!
Mar 10, 16 at 12:47pm

Looks very healthy, nice.I can make fried rice as well as pasta but thats all for now..i've learned how to bake pies from my aunt as well. Blueberry pies are wonderful, i'll look for the recepie later

Mar 10, 16 at 1:47pm

I love making these. It's a traditional Siberian dish. Though it's so time consuming to do. >_<

Mar 10, 16 at 5:38pm

I like to cook, I love teriyaki ^ ^

Mar 10, 16 at 5:48pm

She makes a pretty damn fine teriyaki.

Mar 12, 16 at 11:39pm

I can make delicious cupcakes, drinks, snacks, meals and tea and coffee!

1) Anime cupcakes
2) Chocolate cupcakes with red buttercream frosting
3) Strawberry cupcakes with purple buttercream frosting
4) Butterscotch cupcakes with blue buttercream frosting
5) Vanilla cupcakes with white buttercream frosting

1) Pineapple Pronto Smoothie (a sweetly spicy combination)
2) Sweet Banana Nutter Smoothie (healthy, nutty sweetness)
3) Early Espresso Fix Smoothie (fruity caffeinated goodness)
4) Chocolate Berrylicious Smoothie (velvety, fruity darkness)
5) Melon Refresher Smoothie (refreshing on hot summer days)
6) Green Dream Power Smoothie (an energetic breakfast or snack)
7) Valentines' Day Special Smoothie (lovey-dovey sweet love)
8) Real Mid-Summer Dream (a heavenly drink for summer)
9) Fruit Punch (a fruity drink)
10) Super Fruit Punch (a fruity drink)

1) Apple Cinnamon Sandwich
2) Cool As Cucumber Sandwich
3) Fruit Kabobs
4) Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

1) Garlic Shrimp
2) Spring Pasta Salad
3) Crab Curry
4) Tomato Soup

Tea And Coffee:
1) Normal Green Tea
2) Normal Black Tea
3) Normal Coffee
4) Spiced Coffee Of Zanzibar (Zanzibar is the place where this spiced coffee originated)

And there you are!

Max @reclaw commented on Cooking!
Mar 13, 16 at 6:40am

^ Now I'm hungry. :3

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