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J @j_oxford commented on Cooking!
Mar 13, 16 at 8:03am

You should rename yourself to -Max Hunger-

Max @reclaw commented on Cooking!
Mar 13, 16 at 8:12am

Hmmmm no. :D

Mar 13, 16 at 10:43am

Where's the shokugeki? I came here expecting to watch a shokugeki.


My favorite thing to do is make people try things they have never had. My specialty is Japanese curry. Everyone loves it and says it reminds them of home if they're from Japan. If they've been there they are amazed it tastes Just like from Japan. I make it mild unless I have a special request. Then I make my special spicy curry from scrach. Because I am Korean I can also make the Korean version with ease. I want to perfect Thai curry one day.

Max @reclaw commented on Cooking!
Mar 13, 16 at 2:40pm

Japanese curry reminds them of home? We might be onto something here!

I also love to make good spicy asian curry.


It sent too quickly. I am typing on my phone. *dies*

Right! Spicy is the best. Since you're from Germany I will probably have you send me some curry ketchup one of these days, man. I am running low.

Max @reclaw commented on Cooking!
Mar 13, 16 at 2:45pm

Aw. I hoped the revelation would be that all life originates in Japan...

Also you don't have that stuff where you live? What? :D

xynox @xynox commented on Cooking!
Mar 13, 16 at 2:49pm

Pretty much me trying to cook.


Right. We Californians lack the goodness that is curry ketchup. I might be able to find it at the military base. They are the best at getting international food.

Mar 14, 16 at 1:56am

does playing Cooking Mama count?

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