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Feb 21, 15 at 9:28am

Code 1047: opposition has been detected.

all members get into position and you better have a cup of tea ready.

Feb 21, 15 at 9:29am

I am not a troll. I'm making use of my freedom of choice.

Feb 21, 15 at 9:33am

The base! It has been infiltrated! BATTLE STATIONS!


Why are you here than? This is a place of peace!>:[

Feb 21, 15 at 9:35am

our spies have replied commander, it seems that our opponent is....


Feb 21, 15 at 9:37am

Lower your cups, strangers. I came in peace despite our different ideologies.

Feb 21, 15 at 9:40am

Hhhhhhhmmmmmmm...Well, it is Key after all ¬ ¬
Here Key:

Feb 21, 15 at 9:41am

You shall no longer refer to me as such. I have surrendered my identity as the one known as Key.

I did that in order the become the beacon of hope for the quickly vanishing coffee population on this site.
From this moment forwards, you shall refer to me as, the Coffee Prince.

But sure, I'll have some scones.

Feb 21, 15 at 9:43am

i hope you know the consequences of staying here to long key? ^w^ wooops i mean coffee prince

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