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Am I the only one listening to VGMs?

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VGMs are video game music files. I find them useful for productivity because they help me concentrate well.

Not many care about them due to expecting beeping sounds. But its merits are low storage consuming (if you use and other associations with foobar2000) and almost every song or album is free.

Typical music can be good sometimes, except for when it's being prominent on radios and other public sites like commercials and other types of media.

Lyrics are good, except when you are being productive, because lyrics require more attention.

Anyway, any of you into video game music?

Jan 12, 17 at 12:11pm

My phone is filled to the brim with anime and video game soundtracks. Over 32GB as of right now... I listen to the radio only on rare occasions, so as a result I'm a little out of touch with popular music. I've been this way since I was younger, though. I always had to be different. :P

Jan 12, 17 at 12:39pm

naw dawg. The last time I used spotify was almost 6-7 years ago. VGMS/BGMS and some anime openings is mah lyfe atm. I'm probably way offtrack with the pop music now days haha


I frequently listen to video game music - my favourites OSTs coming from games like Doom, Metal Gear Rising, Silent Hill, Dark Souls, Halo, The Binding of Isaac, etc. A lot of video game music is sadly thrown into the background when it comes to the actual gameplay and is often forgotten by gamers but when a game has a fantastic soundtrack, it should never go unnoticed. I really love Mick Gordon's approach to music in Doom, Wolfenstein and Killer Instinct where that music is constantly at the forefront of the gameplay and really accentuates the excellent action on screen. I consider it a very important aspect of video games and good music should never go unnoticed.

My favourite kind of video game music is the stuff that's really intense and in your face:

(It's so cheesy and I love it)

But saying that, I do really love stuff that's a lot calmer and atmospheric:

(Mostly the first half as the second gets more intense)

(Not gonna lie, this game made me cry like a little bitch)

Yeah I REALLY like my vidyagaem music. A lot.

Jan 21, 17 at 12:12am

I do it all the time. Soundtracks opened up my mind to the world of non-OST music as a kid...if that makes sense.


This weekend I'm going go play a bunch of classic Sonic games. Not only for the ridiculously great gameplay and nostalgia, but so I can get a listen of the well put together masterpieces of what I consider VGM at its finest.


Some of these soundtracks sound addictive:

Dragon Saber
Rayxanber III
Spriggan Mark II
After Burner II
Daytona USA
Radiant Silvergun
Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force
Asuka 120% series

Others can be found on VGMRIPS.NET while it compliments with foobar2000 on Windows and Android.

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