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High School of the Dead.

@ Ikkoku, nope never.
If you want a Good End of the World Anime Try Wolf's rain, nearly cried. Or Saikano , that made me cry in ernest.
Ok, will do, I refuse to watch NGE cause it reminds me of my cheating ex-boyfriend. One that seems semi-apocolptic anime is Eden of the East and I don't understand much of what is going on.
eden of the east isnt really apocolptic as it is potical intrigue. its a game give a dozen people young and old a billion dollars and task them with saving their nation,with almost enfinite resources at their disposal, and that eden of the east in 25 five words or less. the responsiblity of those with power.
Back on the subject of HSOTD....
Nov 04, 10 at 10:35pm
hmm really i loved hotd, ookami-san, arakawa under the bridge, kissxsis, b gata h kei
love this anime :]
Nov 12, 10 at 9:25pm
Saeko sama kick zombie's *** xD
Yeah, I love this series. I have the first volume of the manga pre-ordered already. :D
Feb 04, 11 at 2:32am
definitely best anime of the summer, personally i think this thread has too much ecchi hate, i mean come on, at least HOTD does it well
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