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High School of the Dead.

Is it me or is Summer Always The worst season for new anime. Only about a dozen new shows and the only one I'm head over heels for is Highschool of the dead.
Jul 17, 10 at 12:28pm
Thats a pretty awesome anime the quality is awesome and so far its just "staggering" xD
Yeah highschool of the dead is on point man but I've looked at evey thing this season slim pickings.
I swear I thought this anime was going to consist entirely of ecchi shots at every possible moment...but it actually has plot...so I keep watching it. Some parts have a gratuitous amount of Ecchi, though. I mean, Takashi firing the sniper rifle off Rei's boobs and then we get a close up of how her boobs juggle for forty-five seconds, followed by a pantyshot of Saeko as the bullet passes underneath her skirt...I mean, really?
Sep 15, 10 at 11:28pm
As interesting HSOTD is, I think it can carry it's weight without the fan service in my opinion. I kinda feel that ecchi and zombies don't go together. But hey, it's just fiction so, why not?
Read the manga it's a bit more then the anime
Well the anime does sorta take it to the next level, the t&a is sorta over the top, but when they up the ecchi the also took the action sequences to the next level. I mean even though they throw in the occasional jiggle,or up skirt shot, they really have some beautiful excecuted fight scenes.
I've never seen an apocolyptic anime before so the theme is quite different. In the genres I usually watch they cover up the intense action so seeing what would really happen is sort of refreshing. I thought it halarious to count the panty shots in episode one, I lost count. XD Like yaoi and yuri, ecchi doesn't bother me....I just like the comedic take on a zombie apocolyspe.
with all the ecchi aside i really like hsotd. ive been waiting for something like this. it just seems like ive been watching to much shonin so this is a good break
Sep 23, 10 at 10:30pm
Hey <b>FayelinnBlair</b>, You really haven't seen an apocolyptic anime before? You should watch <i>Neon Genesis Evangelion</i>. Especially the 1997 movie: <i>The End of Evangelion</i>. That'll blow you away... literally. LOL.
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