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What ANIME are you watching right now?

@verucassault the manga only 223 chapters. The chapters are fast pace to the point the author never really takes any breaks
@secretagentboi The power system not as linear and simple as hunter x hunter. Curse energy is used from negative emotions that affect the environment and the user thus Doman expansion. Curse techniques are abilities that are unique to the user personality or history. So the uses are limitless depending on the individual that's why there's not as many sorcerers causing a low employment rate for sorcerers which is why Gojo runs rampant on missions He's a God in human form that has no choice to be one
The demon trope isn't the same. You think sakuna gonna eventually change but he is honestly in my belief the final boss doing the worse acts in the story I've ever seen for a villain. All the characters are well crafted and you love seeing all of them. The problem with a lot of shonens I have I don't enjoy the main characters but the supporting cast. That doesn't happen in jujustu kaisen. It's one of the few stories of shonen that has no filler and still goes into the plot. It ends this year and I salute it as some of the best shonen works
Hunter x hunter's power system builds upon the basics first we start with learning about the technique that lets you see life energy aka nen, then we learn about how to use that to surround your body for protection and enhancing attacks, then we learn about how you can conceal your aura, and so on so forth covering for plot holes that people would find, then we learn about the different categories of nen and how each person's abilities is based on their personality and how they can fine tune it to fit who they are and how they fight, and to add to that you can create contracts with yourself for pretty much anything the stricter it is the more powerful it is that isn't linear at all. The three main characters are literally the same 3 that other Shounen use you have the Naruto/Goku/Luffy/Natsu/Yuji/Denji type, then you have the Sasuke/Vegeta/Zoro/Grey/Megumi/Aki character, finally you have the notable girl character Sakura/Bulma/Nami/Lucy/Nobara/Power
Vinland Saga. I thought it was AOT at first when I saw it on YouTube, but it is an amazing work on its own. It’s an interesting take about reverence and consequences of violence and how it shapes us.
I started watching Erased. The mom's kinda hot XD https://i.pinimg.com/originals/82/9b/04/829b0412707ec3f944150d50f3c0df2f.gif
Bruno stands at best mom, both attractive, and very caring. In fact, he's so caring towards his little squad of misfits that he dies, but he doesn't die, but dies later
Dear diary, I fell asleep on episode 4. To move on to the next episode with Arc, I had to rewatch it. I still have no clue what's going on. I restate my prior opinion and hope it improves. The end.
Dead Mount Death Play and Yugioh Vrains, Vrains has gotten a lot better in season 2 alone.
Many improvements at ep 5. That episode was better than the first 4 combined and the momentum kept up in ep 6. Maybe Jujutsu just had a slow start.
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