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Any Canadians Out There?

Fumie my love leave the poor man qlon3 XD @funmusicorn
This account has been suspended.
I miss my Canadian.
My bad? XD
Buy me a choco milk and itll be fine @funmusicorn
You know back in my day" all the good ole days" men had enough balls to walk up to random women with a cowboy hat, wrangler pants and a fit body and say " excuse me miss, I fancy you, my name is ____ do you fancy me?". And that was that, you either got turned down or you got a family on the way. Nowadays we're all spoiled by the attention of random people on the internet with the HOPES of finding someone vs just finding someone while doing our hobbies amiright? @yaasshat and @verucassault
@joemama711 Nah, bruh. Since you rang. I'm as apprehensive as the next schmuck. The difference is, there's a little thing called luck. Even then? Fuck it. Life's to short to worry about such things. Pussy/dick are incredibly easy to get, if that's all ya want. Love? Well, that takes a lifetime to forge and I'm saying that as someone who "failed" the first time around.
I respect and understand your statement. I guess thats why they say love is so valuable.
There should be a reverse harem manga called I Love My Canadian. Has it ever been done? Probably not. Should it? Let's discuss.
Jul 22, 22 at 8:46pm
Mrs. Salt @verucassault I'm 100% in favor of this.
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