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Black ★★ Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall 2022

Yeah they just went everywhere srsly idk what they did but they just throw in the chars and throw them out asap. I think the chariot was only in 2 eps? And than no more…. Like why you introduce me to a char that only has 2 eps … tbh its been awhile idk if it was chariot but i remember atleast on of the chars only hat 2eps screentime lol maybe not even 5min in total… XDDDD
For a moment I thought this was some sort of mass shooting on the US thread
Pfffft.... Black? MASS SHOOTING? America? Nah, bruh. That'd be the wrong shade for a mass shooting.lol
Black Rock Shooter, Why did you go away? There is a MAAAS SHOOOT-IIIIIIIIING!
anyways @lamby I think Strengths Dawnfall design was fine, she fit well with the world and had the apocalyptic feel to it. Rock's/Empress's Design was fine, I really liked that they made her a kind of android referencing her connection to Miku. but too oversimplified compared to Black Rock Shooters ova and Anime variants. I agree that Dead Master's new design was probably the weakest of the three. I get they went more for a biker look for her outfit, but I wish they kept the black on the skin suit instead of just making it gray. Plus they devolved her into a surface level Yandere crushing on Rock/Empress.
On the Topic of Gold Saw's absence from the newest series: Keep in mind that many other Black Rock Shooter Media is VERY different from the OVA and 8 episode anime and even the song the various media was based on. Only Black Rock Shooter seems to be the only consistent character. Original Song (I assume everyone on this thread has heard this song before or after it became a franchise): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axw8DFXr23o (Will edit and expand later)
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