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Black ★★ Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall 2022


Well this is a fun Christmas gift for Vocaloid and BRS fans:

A new Project for Black ★ Rock Shooter has been announced.
It will be called Dawnfall and is set to be announced for the coming year. I just learned this on IG from a post from Good Smile when they announced a new figure for the upcoming project. I am very excited and hope it is an improvement from the original 8 episode series and takes cues from the superior ova and song the franchise is based on.

For those who don't know, Black★Rock Shooter started life as a lone character design by artist Huke, and would inspire Ryo to create a song based on it using Hatsune Mikus voice bank. This would become popular enough that it would spawn a 50 min ova short, a manga and the well known 8-Episode anime series to expand upon the lore.

If there are any thoughts on this discuss along with me and share news here


First trailer, looks like an April 2022 window lets gooo!

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