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Who got win a legit fight with Sailor Moon?


@kuharido Homurakuma is a living devil who can create and trap people in whole worlds that are completely within her control and has control over even god herself


@momoichi you see this? This is the power of friendship that Sailor Moon went through many trials to value. Your Homurakuma witchcraft nonsense could never beat her.


@kuharido pft, these girls have no idea what friendship is

homurakuma became corrupted by the choking grip of loneliness that snaked around her neck when her best friend abandoned her


@momoichi they fought monsters together that's the best friendship bonder. Plus their respective planets orbit around the same Sun. That's the closest bond there is.


It's easy to laugh this off under the assumption Sailor Moon is a weak girl that defeats the monster-of-the-week on the power of friendship because of all the gifs and memes... but she legitimately would stomp most shonen super heroes, even characters like Luffy, even if he had a friggin Gear 45123451.

The Sailor Senshin are the goddam GUARDIANS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM and have the powers and strength to do so. Not the guardians of a city. Not the guardians of a planet. The guardians of the ENTIRE solar system. And Sailor Moon is indisputably the most powerful of them all.

Usagi was reborn on Earth (she has eternal life) and lost all her memories. It isn't until the far far later arcs in Sailor Moon that she regains what she lost/forgotten. Examples of her abilities include: Immortality (even if her only power was crying, you can't kill her, and she'd keep crying until you wanna kill yourself), clairvoyance, creation (she can bring the dead back to life), spatial manipulation, can control and manipulate your soul.

Also: She destroyed a being that enveloped an entire planet. Defeated a being with the power of a black hole. Able to defeat a being on the level of a quasar.

And lastly: Sailor Galaxia was the final antagonist. She possessed the power to destroy stars by simply pointing at them. Sailor Moon defeated her.

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