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Live Action Cowboy Bebop


Still no Ed.

Wonder why?

Oct 28, 21 at 6:06am

Idk I may be weird but even with how campy it looks it looks very fun to watch.


I feel like they won't have Ed in the live action, or they'll reveal her at the very end as kind of a teaser for season 2, then season 2 won't happen.

I'm guessing they know having Ed in the show is a lose/lose situation because her body movements and way of talking in the anime probably don't translate well to live action. For me personally, if I saw an actress use very exaggerated movements and talk like a little kid, it would annoy tf out of me. And if they reduced Ed's caricature nature for the live action (which I think they'd have to do), the entire internet would bitch how they ruined the character.

I mean, come on, picture a live action actress holding her feet and rolling around on the ground while talking like a little kid. It works as animation, but would be stupid af by a human.


I don't know, can we convince Jim Carrey to play Ed?

He seems perfect for the role of spontaneous wacky sidekick.



Ed was literally the most hideous live action thing I've ever seen. Not even hyperbole. Literally horrifying.

Overall I can accept the series since they actually did include "Rain" (even tho it was the stupid male vocal version) and "Greenbird."

Nov 24, 21 at 7:17pm

I was going to give it a shot but after what they did to Gren I am out.

They turned him into a cheap stereotype


You didnt learn from death note or seven deadly sins @kuharido ? NEVER watch anime netflix
not animated
even less in real life

Nov 24, 21 at 7:29pm

@rafaelsanzio Netflix must be stopped


Netflix is in charge of streaming JOJO part 6 apparently.

Nov 24, 21 at 7:34pm

@gabriel_true they're not making it though. Just distributing. They are good at that.

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