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Live Action Cowboy Bebop

Still no Ed. Wonder why?
Oct 28, 21 at 6:06am
Idk I may be weird but even with how campy it looks it looks very fun to watch.
I feel like they won't have Ed in the live action, or they'll reveal her at the very end as kind of a teaser for season 2, then season 2 won't happen. I'm guessing they know having Ed in the show is a lose/lose situation because her body movements and way of talking in the anime probably don't translate well to live action. For me personally, if I saw an actress use very exaggerated movements and talk like a little kid, it would annoy tf out of me. And if they reduced Ed's caricature nature for the live action (which I think they'd have to do), the entire internet would bitch how they ruined the character. I mean, come on, picture a live action actress holding her feet and rolling around on the ground while talking like a little kid. It works as animation, but would be stupid af by a human.
I don't know, can we convince Jim Carrey to play Ed? He seems perfect for the role of spontaneous wacky sidekick. @bob_loblaw
Ed was literally the most hideous live action thing I've ever seen. Not even hyperbole. Literally horrifying. Overall I can accept the series since they actually did include "Rain" (even tho it was the stupid male vocal version) and "Greenbird."
Nov 24, 21 at 7:17pm
I was going to give it a shot but after what they did to Gren I am out. https://www.indiewire.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/gren-screenshot.jpg https://wegotthiscovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/cowboy-bebop-Elena-Satine-1.jpg They turned him into a cheap stereotype https://c.tenor.com/UEOtFDa4t24AAAAC/godfather-massacre.gif
You didnt learn from death note or seven deadly sins @kuharido ? NEVER watch anime netflix not animated even less in real life
Nov 24, 21 at 7:29pm
@rafaelsanzio Netflix must be stopped
Netflix is in charge of streaming JOJO part 6 apparently.
Nov 24, 21 at 7:34pm
@gabriel_true they're not making it though. Just distributing. They are good at that.
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