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Bleach is Being Continued.

I liked bleach but I looked at the episode wiki and skipped everything listed as filler. Didn't watch the last arc either cause it looked stupid
Apr 29, 21 at 6:50pm
I actually liked Bleach's filler. Naruto's was way worse. Overall I'm glad Japanese animation studios adopted the seasons system.
Still not sure when Bleach is starting back up, but I have an excuse to post this https://i.imgur.com/BmVWEhu.jpg I'm more of an Orihime fan for their red heads, but sometimes you just gotta settle for what's right in front of you
are those jugs real? I've only watched until bount arc, after that I dropped it
I got really confused after the Grimmjow, Heuco Mundo fight because they went into a filler. Like here's this cool back story for Grimmjow, the fight happens and poof, they are all back in school. No reunited with Orihime or anything. Just... back in school like nothing happened. I had binged it all the way to that point. I'm usually an easy going viewer and can suspend disbelief for a lot of things, but the abrupt lack of transition really ticked me off. Be a linear storyline, or don't.
I feel black clover was really good at filler where they would have a random ass training scene or recap or then introduce an idea and then cue the backstory. Bleach sort of was all over the place, thats why i never liked it. It was just a mismatch of ideas and cool fight scenes.
Bleach has some fine waifus though
Rangiku fo sho <3 https://i.pinimg.com/originals/28/bb/31/28bb31424f8c3771fc4d15db81594990.jpg
May 24, 21 at 11:04am
Rukia was top tier. She felt kinda nerfed at times though. She stayed witty though. https://safebooru.org//images/3075/93b7d59fe28b89fd2a4defd60ec571d2f48feb5e.jpg?3201561
Bleach filler is absolutely atrocious and I don't blame anyone for dropping the series or not being a fan overall because of it. The first filler arc was the Bount arc and it's horrendous... AND it's like 30 friggin episodes! I feel like a lot of potential long term fans of the series ejected themselves out of the Soul Society somewhere during the Bount arc. But thankfully if you make it through the Bount dumpster fire, you're greeted to... another filler arc!! Yusssss... tho not as hideous as the Bount arc, it still is sub-par compared to Bleach canon and it's another 15 episodes of filler. That's right, there's literally 50 episodes of crap filler right after the amazing Soul Society arc... Honestly, after finishing the Soul Society arc with ep 63, you should legit skip straight to the fantastic Arrancar arc at ep 110. You get one of the only hints in the entire series that the "white mage Captain" Unohana is actually the most powerful combat Captain... you get all the other Captains facing their first real competition with the Arrancars... and it's when we get the glorious Nel... https://i.pinimg.com/originals/24/80/63/24806375523f8d9a3ff4dc92e9e1a450.jpg
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