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Bleach is Being Continued.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiit part 2 starts this July?? I really hope it finishes the entire arc. End game Ichigo is top 5 most powerful anime characters all time imo. https://media.tenor.com/fTKfFMOURxQAAAAd/bleach-bleach-anime.gif
The artwork and animation quality have come a long way since the first couple seasons, but season 2 still has one of my fav Ichigo moments... A new Bankai level Ichigo in just Shikai state gives an intentional flex by planting his Zanpakuto in the ground like a flag, and proceeds to one-shot 3 Lieutenants simultaneously... then talks shit to Byakuya, one of the fastest Captains in Soul Society xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn5qgrXpCG4
Jun 02, 23 at 4:03am
Don't get me wrong, I loved this part of the arc too but knowing what I know now about the 1st Lt, Ichigo had on some serious plot armor and they wanted to hype us up. He would have bodied Ichigo.
The bigger plot armor would have been before that, when Ichigo beat Kenpachi BEFORE he even had Bankai yet. However, as much as retcon is a factor (just like it is in ANY long running series) the 1st Liutenant Sasakibe would NOT body Ichigo, even that early in Ichigo's progression, cuz again, Ichigo already had beaten Kenpachi... or at worst, it would be considered a "draw." Sasakibe isn't even at the level of a Captain. At best he was nominated to be a substitute Captain, and he declined. The argument that Sasakibe used his Bankai and scarred the face of the Captain-Commander isn't legit cuz Yamamoto was treating it like a father to son and in no way was trying to actually fight him. As for that 3 on 1 fight: 1. It's more about them being caught off guard than anything else. We have to keep in mind that at that point in the story, to them Ichigo is just a human that got into Soul Society. They have no idea he now has Bankai or that his speed leveled up. 2. In addition to underestimating him as just a "human," they also got confused when he showed them he was gonna fight bare handed. The female even was like "Wtf he's not gonna use his sword????" 3. If any more evidence needs to be seen to verify the ease Ichigo one shotted them is largely due to them being caught off guard, just look at what happens right after when Byakura confronts Ichigo... When Byakuya, one of the strongest Captains, starts talking shit to Ichigo about just being a human, in a blink of an eye Ichigo has his sword on Byakuya's throat. IF Ichigo had actually followed through, that's the end. Fight is over. Instead, Ichigo talked shit, then the fight continued. Ichigo could have beat Byakuya in the blink of an eye, not because he's THAT much stronger, but because Byakuya was caught off guard by an opponent he, along with the 3 Lieutenants, viewed as just a human.
TWBW Part 2 starts tomorrowwwwwwww https://64.media.tumblr.com/fb6ca5fea8c48104dfef8a146304fefb/410added737aefc3-97/s1280x1920/6ae779095ae1af02f69daa279ddbfb106e6cc8a5.gif
I can't believe I forgot about TYBW!! My eyes are ready to see the greatest Kenpachi moment ever...
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