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Attack on Titan Finale Season


Gabis Emotion on Episode 6 was fantastic

Sasha looked for real like a villian.

I love this Anime so much. Also the Manga. Chapter 137 will be interesting


Yeah seeing potato girl gun down two police officers was interesting


Gabi is basically young eren when he saw his family get eaten


Tho honestly i feel gabi is more capable of actually doing something. Eren has been useless all 3 seasons and is now like a mastermind or something. So i wanna see what she does. They foreshadowed gabi picking up a gun from one of the dead soldiers. When she looked over.


Pandy read the manga to understand eren better


Gabi seems like she's gonna be annoying af


"Eren is now like a mastermind or something"

Yeah, he kinda is now. His an evil mastermind. That's for damn sure. His a fucking savage now. He ain't that some old Eren that sometimes hesitates. His a completely different Eren. I can't say why his completely different. Otherwise I'll be spoiling the anime.

Watch the last episode of the previous season. After touching Historias hand. Historia has royal blood. *hint* *hint* His demeanor completely changed. Eren is serious and hyper focus now. Not the same old Eren. Just look at the way he acts in this season. The way he talks to Reiner. Eren was calm and focused. The old Eren would have just instantly punched Reiner. The tone of his voice is different. His demeaner is completely different now son.

Remember that line in ep 1 of season 1. "I'll kill them all." Well, that motherfucker meant it. Well, that might have spoiled it. But whatever.


I sorta spoiled myself as well, i watched a titan size comparison video and some theory videos about the founding titans and all that. I do know that all the titans share memories and arent bound by time. But i wonder if eren wants to eat all the titans for a nefarious plan. Also wanna spoil just incase im right.


"Nefarious plan" YUS


Wait but wouldnt he need to eat armin tho?

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