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I watched Your Name with my mum kinda recently and she liked it.
My parents also showed me Spirited Away away for the first time a long time ago.


Definitely Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle. Or you can go hardcore like me and show Fate/Zero when I introduced my sister to anime (worked like a charm)


Princess Jellyfish might be a cute one to watch with your mum.
It's cute and wholesome.

Like if she's into sci-fi I would go with the ones you suggested. But if you want her to enjoy the story and she might like cute cuddly things. Princess Jellyfish XP. Do you have any sisters? There's a mom/daughter story within it.


my mom hates anime however with my biological dad we watched most of the studio ghibli and ghost in the shell movies together the first pokemon movie he took me to the the movie theatre to see it when i was 5 years old he got me a burger king and got one of the watches and toys he also took me to see the first rugrats movie and now we watch all various types of animations together i recently introduced to genndy tartakovsky's primal he introduces to a punch sci-fi shows he recently introduced me to ridlely scotts raised by wolves and i fell in love with it he is the main reason why i like sci-fi so much he introduced to me the alien movies when i was 10 my dad is awesome for watching anime and various shows


Of course we're showing ishuzoku reviewers.


JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind


Believe it or not my mom got me into anime she doesn't like any anime but yes the oldest anime ever
Sailor moon


Something like Your Name or ghibli would be a safer option than ghost in the shell i would think. Was raised catholic and i show my mom that movie 3 years ago and she liked it.


Hilariously my mother bought Ghost in the Shell herself recently not understanding what it was. She enjoys sci-fi movies with futuristic robots and cyborgs like Robocop and Blade Runner. Her opinion was a simple, "meh."

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