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Baki the Grappler


Can't say I have. Sometimes I follow the books if they interest me enough.

In the case of both I follow on a more casual basis.

Still enjoyed them equally.

Aug 15, 20 at 3:04pm

read the beastars manga >W>

mero mero meron~~


I'll see what I can do.

Aug 15, 20 at 3:10pm

if you ever want a link i can provide!

how is baki btw? i always made fun of it for the art but is it actually good?


It does become silly at times. It looks and sounds very JoJo's Bizarre in its fight scenes.

So it isn't that mentally engaging.

However Muhammad Ali is a legit character in the recent seasons haha!

Aug 24, 20 at 11:10pm

If you like Baki i would suggest kengan ashura and kengan omega (manga only for now).
Watching these anime makes me want to run a marathon right away.

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